Dumog – The Filipino Style of Wrestling


What is Dumog?

Dumog is the Filipino style of wrestling (also known as Filipino grappling) which, overtime, has been modified into an intense form of wrestling used by many different ethnic groups in the Philippines such as Tagalog, Ilokano and Cebuano.

Dumog martial art uses a range of grappling techniques which come from various other martial arts including Judo and Jujitsu.

It focuses on both standing and ground grappling, depending on the situation in which it is to be used.

This art is very well known throughout the Philippines. This particular style of martial art is taught as a small section in the syllabus in order for pupils to learn the basics of this invigorating martial art.

Some of the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) systems such as Harimaw Buno and Apolaki Krav Maga focus on mastering Dumog in a lot more depth to enhance peoples skills and to widen their horizons to the art of dumog.

Dumog Techniques

The purpose of dumog is to throw off your opponents balance and continue to keep them unsteady and unbalanced.

To do so dumog uses control points and choke points on the human body, it uses moves such as grabbing, pushing and pulling in order to overpower ones opponent.

A common way people throw their opponent off balance is by using their opponents weight against them and using the direction in which force is given to their advantage; this is effective as it renders ones opponent unsteady.

Dumog uses a range of techniques that are all useful in making an opponent unbalanced. Some of the techniques used are pushes, pulls and weight shifts.

When ones opponent is unsteady this is the perfect opportunity to use different close quarter striking techniques such as head butts, knees and elbows.

The good thing about dumog is that ones surroundings can be used to disable an opponent or harm them.

Surroundings can include a wall, vehicle or chair; anything that can help to render an opponent helpless.

Dumog can also be helpful in instances where there are multiple attackers; it is in these circumstances where one can use an opponent as protection from another opponent in order to either get out of that situation or to overpower an opponent.

As for all grappling styles, there is a certain level of pain in which one needs to withhold. There are a variety of methods that are defined by the term Kino-mutai which refers to pinching, biting and ripping/tearing techniques.

In dumog these techniques are classed under nerve point attacks which can be incredibly painful to opponents that do not have a high pain tolerance; this can be a huge disadvantage to ones opponent but is a great advantage to the distributor if used correctly.

Overall, dumog may not be the most popular style of martial art it is widely known in the Philippines and is even taught to pupils so you can see that it is an incredible art in which people are keen to learn about.

If you are looking for an invigorating martial art to learn and understand to a great extent, then Dumog is the way to go.

It gives you the knowledge you need if you are ever caught in an attack and can help to improve your focus and your health.