About Me

I’m William, a martial arts enthusiast hailing from Manchester, UK. My journey into the world of martial arts began at the age of 7 when a friend introduced me to Goshin Ju Jitsu. I dedicated myself to training and achieved the rank of 1st Kyu Brown Belt by the time I was 12.

Young William

Driven by a passion for practicality and effectiveness, I later transitioned to Jeet Kune Do, the martial art developed by Bruce Lee. Over the past 5 years, I’ve immersed myself in this dynamic style, appreciating its emphasis on efficiency and eliminating unnecessary elements. Jeet Kune Do has not only shaped me as a martial artist but has also influenced my perspective on life.

In the face of challenges, I’ve demonstrated unwavering perseverance. Dealing with osteoarthritis, I had to take a year-long break from training. With the guidance of my teacher, I focused on precision and strengthening the surrounding muscles, eventually regaining my confidence. This experience taught me the importance of patience and mastering techniques before moving forward.

Beyond martial arts, I’ve applied my disciplined and methodical approach to other areas, such as learning web design. Successfully building my own WordPress blog, I’ve shown the ability to channel my focused mindset into diverse endeavours.

As a martial artist, my journey is driven by personal growth, physical fitness, and self-defence. I’m not motivated by competition or the desire to be the best. Overcoming shyness and standing up to childhood bullying, martial arts has given me the inner strength and confidence to face challenges head-on.

Author Picture William

Currently, I’m embarking on a new chapter in my martial arts journey, exploring the aspects of groundwork and grappling that Jeet Kune Do doesn’t cover. Through this pursuit, I aim to expand my skill set and deepen my understanding of combat.

Join me on my martial arts journey as I share insights, experiences, and my passion for martial arts on my blog. Discover the transformative power of discipline, perseverance, and personal growth as I continue to evolve as a martial artist, embracing the lessons martial arts offer both on and off the mat.